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A project about poop and farts? Count me in!

Black Math did 2 spots for WebMD about DiaresQ, a diarrhea-relieving supplement, and I was in charge of the overall style and designs for one of the spots featuring the Children Formula. I had a blast learning the ins and outs of diarrhea in babies and even got a diaper sample-turned-memorabilia from my favorite producer who

had an infant at that time!

Role: Character Design, Design, Art Direction
Year: 2018



Client: WebMD

Production: Black Math

Creative Direction: Jeremy Sahlman

Art Direction: Adabelle Tan, Veronica Ni

Storyboards: Steve Madden, Kory Demers

Design: Veronica Ni, Adabelle Tan, Kory Demers

Animation: Steve Madden, Kory Demers, Corey Householder, Champ Panupong, Jeongki Kim, John Nelson

Editor: Noah Canavan

Sound: Kate Siefker


© Black Math

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